Grand River steelhead report

They’re here…

Yesterday I headed out to the mouth of the Grand River with my buddy Captain Ken Jones, former NYC striper and tuna guide who just escaped the city.

Grand River Steelhead

But you would have thought we were back at Breezy Point casting for bluefish– sandy beaches, crashing waves over the jetty, birds working in the distance, huge boats leaving the harbor.

Lake Erie

We casted the mouth of the Grand River from sun up to about 9am. Ken caught a big sloppy sheephead crawling the fly between some rocks, and just a few minutes later, a small chrome Lake Erie steelhead pounded the fly on the drift. The fly pattern was an emerald shiner bucktail with trailer hook.

Grand River Sheephead

Grand River Steelhead

Grand River Steelhead

I told Ken it would be a little bit of a goose chase — steelhead aren’t supposed to start staging for another few weeks. But with the rain we’d been getting, and Ken’s jetty skills, I thought it was worth a shot. The gamble paid off.

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